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One of the best walking meditations I practice is

Love the earth 🌏 meditation

This walking meditation came to me a few years back, when exercising my channeling abilities, I asked for a meditation tailored for my current needs and got this one. I practiced this love walking meditation for a few months before carrying on to the next technique.

How to do this feet, love, earth-walking meditation:

  1. Start walking let your thoughts roam for 10-15 minutes. After that tell your mind it will be able to continue thinking later on.
  2. Focus on your feet and love ❤️ the earth on each step. Feel like you are giving love to mother earth with your feet.
  3. Keep your focus on the meditation technique, yet if an experience is coming through let it flow.
  4. Take a minimum of 30 minutes of the meditation.
  5. That’s it – the best meditations are the simplest. Carry on like that for the rest of your walk –

Earth floating in space

Some sharing of my experiences of this walking meditation

Each walking meditation session was different, however here are the primary experiences I had

  • Feeling of allot of love- getting high on it
  • Experiencing a lot of love and becoming one with the earth.
  • An experience of light coming out of my body, I became a pillar of light between heaven and earth.
  • The more I gave love with my feet – the more I got love from the land back to me.
  • One of the best meditation experience I had though all were incredibly strong:
    The more I loved mother earth with my feet the more I became grounded, yet my head got higher and higher into the clouds and beyond to the realm of angels. It felt like a great vibe of love with my feet buried deep in the ground and my head and upper body out there in the heavens. It was amazingly hard to keep walking like the that in the park.

That’s it for this meditation- have fun and share your experiences 🙌❤️🙏🏻

This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

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