Tree Meditations

Jump start your meditation practice using the power of the trees.

The trees are our allies using tree meditations can be a fun way to connect both to nature and meditation, but it has many other advantages, in this part of the site I will show you how to meditate with trees, how to get help from trees and how to help them back.

When choosing your tree for the meditation you are actually choosing a partner and a teacher.

Each tree has its own personality and qualities to share with you.


Why meditate with trees


The trees teach us how to connect with mother earth and get energy and vitality.

Strength Building

That this group would somehow form a family the way we all became the Brady Bunch.

Stress Relief

The tree with its connection between heaven earth and nature is a direct stress removal entity – you just touch it and it does the work for you – but it also teaches you how to do that on your own.

Relax & centering

The trees teach us how to be relaxed and in our center.

Beauty of Body

just like every tree in nature has its beuty so does every human body

Mind & Soul

Learning to connect with the trees on the soul level – heal the soul and teach how to put the mind on the side.

The tree meditations