This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

So its kind of my first post – since I decided to do some experimenting with a spiritual diary here in this blog, so here goes nothing.

Decided to go out at noon for a walk in the park with my dog, it was noon time, but we had some gentle breeze, people were walking in the park, birds singing, and a lovely feeling of peace.

I noticed my head is full of thoughts that are not doing anything so I turned them off, its an ability I got lately, it works only for short periods but its nice, I saw some groups practicing martial arts, and yoga and my thoughts started again, thinking hmm its looks nice but why should I practice? When the head is not thinking the true light within goes out and happiness just comes. why do anything actually?

Is there a need if the inner self – which is an illusion of self, is not really changing just experiencing, what good will it do? Does it make the self-better? Happier? No so what?
Then another thought came saying – wait it’s not like you are there all the time, and yes getting a total mastery of your body or doing any physical practice is a way to let the inner light go out and encompass the outer body and clean it.

Yes yes, I know a weird inner dialog, it is just that recently I am more and more experiencing the fact that the internal is not changing – the real illusion of self is not truly growing or evolving from experiencing anything it is just is, so why do anything for my self? the only reason to do anything would be for another person, anyway let us drop it for now.


I continued walking and found a nice tree that attracted me, I know at least 7 different exercises using a tree for meditation or spiritual practice and I am sure my creative mind could come up with more but I decided just to put my hands on it – actually I did not decide anything all that happened just happened.

As soon as I put my hands on the tree I felt my body contractions, or energetic blockages – or whatever you like to call it.
I felt a heaviness in my chest, a blockage around my neck and collar bones, a blockage around the back of my spine on the top area of the back and the neck, I tried to relax and let the tree energy do it thing, some release happened and then for the first time in my life I felt like the tree contained a female energy, or some separate female being in it.

The feeling I got from it is to allow my self to merge with the tree, release my consciousness and merge in, the more I release I started being aware of the tree roots, leaves wind around it and the sky, I felt like hugging the tree and just did, the heaviness in the chest released and I just sat down
for meditation with my back to the tree.

Again I got a sort of invitation just to lay back relax into the tree, I relaxed removed my thoughts – but then realized I still have the one that is feeling or witnessing the whole exchange – and I relaxed it too, I found my self for a moment like in a dream floating on nothingness, and then again I was out sitting in meditation.

I release again the person that is sitting for meditation, the idea of individual self – just surrendering to the tree, and again I was lost for some moments like in sleep, then feeling like floating, then again feeling of my self outside.
Did that a few times, till I got the feeling from the tree it’s enough.
It was amazing – hope to do it again 🙂

This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

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