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There are times in our life where the head is working nonestop, sometimes it just goes into a loop of the same thoughts, and some times the head just feels like a fuzzy thing every thing is a mess there is no structure or order.

Times like these call for a different perspective on life, its time to put our head, our mind on the side, just let it go – it no longer serves us, no matter what the head in these times have reached the end of its road – its sort of a broken computer, or stuck computer – you just need to let it rest, or maybe just let it go – your upgraded head will arrive later.

There are many ways to deal with that, if you are an experienced meditator you can enter the void and from there free your conciousness to the unlimited space of the universe, from there will come the greater mind with better ideas and thoughts – its the no mind experience that brings the upgrade.

Or Better yet you can just letgo of your head space and go down to your heart, just imagine your body is a banana, peel it in its head area, take a bite and boom.

You are left with your heart – and it fills in with love – when the head is not there to fight with your heart – your heart is free to do what it wants – to be full of love, happiness and light with no reason at all just because.

Lets consider this, there is no reason at all to open your heart only when you have a good excuse, like falling in love, somebody that is easy for us to love, somebody really sweet like our children, actually there is no real reason that is not selfish not to open up into love right now.

Right now without any borders and not just for one person, just be love, this is the possibility that opens up for you right now – when the head is no longer helping, and there is nowhere to go, you just need to let go of it drop into your heart and rest on waves of love coming from nowhere and going everywhere.

So with a lot of love, I invite you to use this site, play with the meditations, experiment with them, and come to the meditation classes I am giving on Mondays and Wednesday’s Telaviv. 

Why learn to meditate?

Imagine a tool created especially for you that helps you become a better "you", helps you when you have questions,  helps you when you need guidance and direction, a tool that let you grow precisely in the correct pace for you. Imagine a tool that is so strong that...

what is meditation

Meditation is a way for spiritual and personal growth used all over the world. Basically meditation is a gate for entering a different state of awareness. Some of the experiences people go to through meditation are:
Silence, stillness, void, bliss, love, happiness, oneness, channeling, full knowledge of an object or idea etc …

my personal process with energetic contractions

Six years ago I understood the connection between energetic blockages in the body and the ability to go into deep meditation states, you can read about it here. Since then I noticed that the process of clearing these energetic blockages is moving through different...

My main meditation tip/trick or technique.

Whether you are starting your meditation practice - or if you are an experienced meditator - this technique is for you and will enable you to jump your meditation practice to the next level - and over the long run bring it higher or deeper - according to your point of...

How to go deeper into meditation – the story around my main meditation tip

This is my story of the walking meditation and the bliss I experienced at 22\12\2012 - The main thing in this story is not the bliss experienced - but how I got there. The way to go deeper into meditation has since become more natural, and this is what I teach first...

How to turn any meditation into a walking meditation

Walking meditation is one of the best things that happened to me, frankly many of my best meditation experiences happened during a walking meditation, the benefits of combining walking with meditations are innumerable - walking as a physical activity has amazing...

Meditation invite

There are times in our life where the head is working nonestop, sometimes it just goes into a loop of the same thoughts, and some times the head just feels like a fuzzy thing every thing is a mess there is no structure or order. Times like these call for a different...

Silence meditation

silence - surrendering into this place of quietness, the empty space between the breaths. The stillness that is found in the earth, the silence of the entire universe. The silence experiences has many dimensions, some times it’s like a point of stillness, some times...

A walk in the park and meditation with a tree

Again I got a sort of invitation to just lay back relex into the tree, I relaxed removed my thoughts – but then realized I still have the one that is feeling or witnessing the whole exchange – and i relaxed it too, I found my self for a moment like in a dream floating on nothingness, and then again I was out sitting in meditation.

Walking meditation love the earth

One of the best walking meditations I practice is Love the earth 🌏 meditation This walking meditation came to me a few years back, when exercising my channeling abilities, I asked for a meditation tailored for my current needs and got this one. I practiced this love...

Listening meditation

Listening to oneself – as a way for meditation – so nice to experience this technique and practice it.
Just try it 🙂

This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

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