Six years ago I understood the connection between energetic blockages in the body and the ability to go into deep meditation states, you can read about it here. Since then I noticed that the process of clearing these energetic blockages is moving through different areas.

I had a year, or two focused around the head and jaws, mostly during the years I was noticing this it was around the main chakras in the front of the body, sometimes in the back – but mostly front.
What happened in 2016 was interesting – I had an awakening – tremendous energy was moving through my chakras upward every day – and the blockages opened were on the front of my spine.

2017 was another exciting year – as the blockages opened were mostly at the back of the spine, and this year 2018 most blockages being opened are inside the spine, as you can probably see it seems like a movement inward – I wonder about that as the main channels of prana in the spine are ida,Pingala and Sushumna – the later is the main channel and is in the center of the spine – cant wait to see what happens next 🙂


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