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This is my story of the walking meditation and the bliss I experienced at 22\12\2012 – The main thing in this story is not the bliss experienced – but how I got there.

The way to go deeper into meditation has since become more natural, and this is what I teach first to all of my meditation students. if you are not interested in the story – check out the technique

It was a night after the special 21 12 12 night
I started a walking meditation of listening to my breath and decided on using the following structure for the meditation:

  1. Walk and let thoughts roam.
  2. Start focusing on my breath.
  3. Ask questions and get answers. ( channeling my spiritual guide )

You can learn how to turn any meditation into a walking meditation here

After letting my thoughts roam a bit, I started focusing on my breath going in and out of my nose, though not a real Anapana meditation – walking and concentrating on my breathing is quite amusing and amazing – check it here for complete meditation instructions.

As I was starting the active meditation part – I mean going into a meditative zone I was drawn to the tip of the nose – remembering its one of the meditation objects in Yoga I decided to go through with this though I noticed the focus point is about 0.5 cm in from of the nose tip.Its funny and magnetic this area – it was like my awareness and this area in front of the nose were like two magnets that don’t want to be together, but playing with it a bit I found a point I could stay on.

Staying there with my awareness while walking – it’s after all a walking meditation I was practicing – I felt my energy starting to move in the body from this meditation yet somehow found myself out of it, and in thought about work and my workplace, etc.It’s a regular phenomenon in meditation (when that happens ), yet I was really inside the meditation zone – and did not understand how I was just sucked out – after 15 Years of meditation this should not happen – at least not at this stage – so my ego started getting annoyed:)

Focusing again on the tip of the nose I started back, and after few minutes I found myself thinking – I could not understand it – usually the same walking meditation with anapana – I would be entirely in another world by now of silence with happiness.Asking myself what just happened – I reviewed my thought train to its start – and did not find anything there – starting the meditation again and deciding this time I will be wholly watchful and aware.

I again found my self out, but this time I caught it – right before my mind went out of the meditation zone there was a feeling in my body.

The feeling was in my throat – now until this specific meditation, I already developed my practice to a stage in which I knew that when going deep into meditation some blocks may rise to the surface, focusing on these blocks may make the meditation into a resolving block meditation.

If for example, the meditation object would be love – I would experience love only when finishing the block – so I did not always do that. – but in this meditation I just decided – ok now I can not stay focused, and I found out these blocks then let’s handle them …

Focusing on this feeling sensation some emotions came up to the surface I just let them be – had some good yawning a few tears came out with sadness and the feeling dissipated.

Carrying on with my meditation I focused again on the tip of the nose and again found my self out, this time the feeling in the body was in my chest area – front of the heart chakra.

Focusing there again until yawning, tears and emotions released – I did that a few more times and then when I focused back on the energetic tip of the nose – I found my self with no difficulties staying there.

After about few minutes of keeping there with no thoughts at all – I started to feel a joy that can not be explained in words. a tremendous feeling of happiness joy and love – it was so strong I started laughing – and just stayed with it, I just knew this is bliss – I stayed with it for almost 2 hours playing with it – going 1 mm right or left out of the tip of the nose – got me out of the bliss experience- but returning in just got me right back into it.

I could imagine a seller in the market shouting seedless happiness, come and get seedless happiness – selling seedless happiness “Just focus on the tip of your nose and get high on it”. 🙂

So that’s my story for this meditation tip – I am teaching any and all of my students, since then I learned to go into bliss whenever I want, but the main thing from this meditation experience is the way into it – what I learned here that impacted all my meditation practice – and the way to use meditation as a self-healing practice.

Whenever you are meditating and find yourself out of the meditation – ask your self what happened – what came up that my mind is not allowing me to feel?
And then just focus on it – let your inhibiting self go and just allow whatever feeling or emotion is stuck there to come to the surface and get healed just by giving attention to it – that’s it that’s all the technique – and then you can carry on to the meditation you are doing – you will see you just jumped up a level in your meditation practice.

For more info about this technique – read here.


This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

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