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Welcome to meditation City

Learning meditation, meditation activities for organizations, individual sessions of healing and spiritual psychology

Individual sessions

Individual  guiding sessions for your own way,
Support for whatever is needed, healing sessions using spiritual psychology and nondual therapy, individual meditation and yoga session for self-healing, multiple healing and energetic tools of therapy.

Activities for the office - Meditation, Mindfulness, yoga and more

Learning and practicing meditation at the workplace gives the employees tools for stress management, tools for a higher focus level, and creativity

Meditation and Awareness groups

Learn and practice meditation and other related activities which I am giving in small classes, the teachings are simple – everyone can do it.

During the class, I focus the work with each student to find the best practice for him or her.

Hi I am Noam

About Purification techniques

About Purification techniques

Cleansing and Purification techniques can be thought as a preliminary practice to meditation.
I think of it more as a standalone practice, it can lead to meditation and it can help going into meditation easily,
but its effects are good for everyone who want to change a state of being from one to another.

Energetic parabola

Energetic parabola

There is a phenomena I noticed happening to me every now and then during meditations,
I get high on some love meditation, or healing meditation and then 10 to 30 minutes later the feeling gets lower – I am still shining but I am sort of back to the here and now ( if the meditation was very high on light, or out of body ) without actively choosing it .

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This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

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