Drop it - is simple just drop it.

What ever it is, release and drop it.

“Drop it” is one of the simplest meditations yet one of the most profound.
Whatever comes into your mind or perception – just drop it!
Isn’t it cool? so simple and yet so deep? So the whole idea is very simple – you close your eyes and anything that come into your mind just drop it.

Sounds – drop it
Thoughts – drop it
Fears – drop it
Emotions – drop it
Feelings – drop it
Body feelings – drop it
Pain – drop it 🙂

Just drop every single thing that comes …

And then when you find yourself in emptiness and your mind tries to grasp something – just continue dropping them.
And then? when all is clear see where is your perception coming from – who is dropping things?

Is it your head? heart? Bottom?
Where is this seat of consciousness, of the one that is seeing, feeling, grasping, dropping?
Just drop it – drop the grasping of the perception of who you are, of who is dropping, drop it drop everything and just enjoy the ride. whatever happens, happens.

Another technique is to let whatever experience come – hug it tightly into yourself whether it’s a thought, pain, emotion or a spiritual experience just hug it tightly and then release.

Drop it 🙂



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