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Wow wow wow, EURECA I found it 🙂 just had a shower after my meditation and yoga practice and found a new way to look at same techniques that I am doing using listening.

Listening meditation

People tell me I am a good listener and that is part of what makes a good healer.
So in the shower, today it hit me “hey why not listen to oneself.”
I listened to a deep sadness I had inside, and it became lighter than it was. Then to the pain, I had in my top-back of the lungs at the end of the breath – and it disappeared. I continued like this just listening to the self, you know the Yogis, and the ancient Rishis said the heart is the seat of consciousness, so I just observed the person that is I, the one that I feel inside outside and around me.

And slowly the experience that came was of releasing, listening and releasing of stress, contractions, negativity and then peace came, and I just listened to it.

So how does listening meditation work?

The same way it works for your friends – when you are really listening – you are there for them and just listening empty of everything – they just spill things out – things start to get organized, accumulated pains and negativity are going through a release and transformation, and the person speaking is just getting better by speaking about the things that are on his mind.

The same thing is here – but through listening to your self – the self is constructed out of sheaths – the body, emotional body, mind-body, inner self, and the real self. it does not matter how you call these things by paying attention and listening to your self in any level you bring transformation and healing.

Without getting caught in names and definitions that differ between spiritual schools lets look at 2 levels – listening to the real self – and to your inner self or persona

Now the real self-does not need any healing its just there listening, experiencing, but if you listen to it you are freeing your self from your illusory self and that brings a tremendous freedom, healing, and enlightenment.
By listening to the persona you have created – which you call yourself – or to the deep pains and suffering you have inside it you create a movement of energy, just releasing whatever energy was stuck there and that brings purification, transformation, and healing 🙂

Practicing this listening meditation – is so simple:

  • So Just sit there and listen to yourself – to your silent self, to your emotions, to your physical body, listen to it 🙂
    See what happens.
  • Imagine yourself outside of your body – and then listen to your other self the one sitting in the body in front of you or below you, look and see what happens?
  • Feel yourself from the inside, listen to this self, listen to its pains, happiness, sadness, joy, thoughts – whatever is there give it attention, no judgment – just listen.
  • And if you want to do the real self – the gate to enlightenment – listen to the one that is listening – do it in your heart, head or dan tien – it does not matter where just listen to the listener


And yes it may be just a point of view for the same meditations. But for me, it’s so amazing to do it this way the effect is just not the same as observing, or feeling. It’s the first rule of healing.

Healer heal thy self

So before listening to other people – listen first to yourself, to your inner being, the one that is there for others – be there for yourself – just sit there and listen ….  and be aware of everything.


This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

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