In the last year or so I am using my awareness with pain, in meditations and during the day.
Mostly it is emotional pain – I just move my awareness towards it instead of running from it.
And the result is very deep cleansing. and release of the pain.

Today I tried it on insect bytes – mosquitos to be exact – they can be the most annoying – and it can be itchy for hours.
So instead of trying to ignore it – and to be in suffering for hours – I chose to move my awareness on to it – and just felt it – the whole of the itchy experience – and … it faded away – like it never happened . – it only took some of my awareness for 10 minutes.

That is amazing 🙂 I never thought to use this tool physically – and it is so liberating to know.
You don’t have to run away from the pain – the pain is there for a reason – for you, your body, emotional body, energetic body etc – to resolve a problem – you just need to let it be .

So use meditation and awareness also for mosquito bytes !

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