Sometimes I find the easiest way for meditation is walking, today I chose the golden healing meditation style – or actually it chose me, I started walking as always with head full of thoughts, I let the thoughts run their course for the first 10-15 minutes of the walk  and then tried to decide on a meditation technique for this walk.

Deciding on the walking meditation technique

I tried to focus on my breath and settle on that, but then 2 thoughts got to me one after the other:
Maybe use some kind of healing meditation maybe open up to Reiki while walking.
My next thought was if Reiki why not golden angle light,
( I call it that though I am not sure its angle light), It’s a light I kind of bumped into during a healing session where I prayed for some angelic help – The healing I got was very hot – golden and full of fatherly love.

The technique

So what I did was just to ask this angle light, golden light to shine on me, I imagined the source of the angle light to be somewhere beyond the Galaxy, Space, Universe from another dimension, and at start it was hard to focus – as the feeling I got was strong and hard to contain, but then during the walk I could get to be more and more in it and even started to be a bit lightheaded – I used protection by telling myself I am getting only as much as I need or, can contain.

Gold sunset

It’s funny how my mind goes when I am in these walking meditations – after I was got into the golden glow my mind kept getting in and out of it by throwing some thoughts like what am I doing, is it real, how do I look to others on the trail etc.

I answered myself that I probably look drunk/stoned with a silly smile on my face but it does not matter, the more I walked with this energy I could go more into it and pass it on to the area and earth around me.
20 minutes later the feeling subsided and I got to be more on the ground and after 10 more minutes, I got home with shining eyes, happiness but a feeling of some loss – that it ended.

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