One of the significant experiences I had at 2013.

Saturday night I had a walking meditation in which I focused on 2 aspects of healing energy I am working with.

  • A mother – goddess healing energy I connected to first in a healing course at 2003
  • A golden – angel light healing energy I connected during healing sessions on cancer patients.

Both are aspects of healing energy I connected to when doing Reiki, healing sessions and at that point in time I thought only one of them is Reiki -and the other is something else but today I realize I do not really know and there are many rays of healing lights – even though it frustrates my analytical mind, the ‘not knowing ‘ I just allow what energy needed to come forth.

Each has its own vibration color and feeling. So anyway to the point: on Sunday I decided to work with the mother aspect energy – I kind of had a talk during the drive to work with this energy aspect asking it what it is and how can I deepen my understanding of it, the answer I got is to practice all day this meditation, and this will start a process for me.

About the meditation – the idea for this meditation I got from my brother – when we both did the Reiki II course almost 20 years back he told me he had a deep experience – instead of putting his hands on himself he just asked the energy to come to him and he just lay there absorbed in its healing light.

So I tried to do it like that I asked for this healing energy – felt its motherly warmth – love hugging me, and then I felt my awareness shift focusing more on my back side, different feelings came and went, and I felt some stress released, emotions released etc, and then some freedom.

Then during my work day in the office I focused a bit on this energy a few times, and then driving back home I did the exercise again and again felt it on my back side of my heart chakra and then came to a deep realization – I know what does “Meditation on the Self” means.

I just focus on the feeling of me inside my own body – not a specific part, generally, it will be around the heart, sometimes in, sometimes out, sometimes just the feeling of my inner core, and sometimes just me. The “me” that is me 😌

The feeling is very restful and less conflicting than other methods I am doing focusing on different body parts. Chakra or outside object.

now when writing these lines I realize this might be strange to somebody reading this, and I can’t really convey the experience but this was a real realization, when in the yoga scripture they said meditate on the self as part of a higher way to meditate I tried but I did not understand or grasp it like I now do.

This is really something else.

Thats it just wanted to share and log my realization 🙏🏻 for reading 🙏🏻 for listening ❤️.

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