This morning I decided on practicing my meditation on the beach, however, when getting there it felt more like yoga. I started with submitting the fruits of my practice to the goddess of all that is, and to Shiva the founder of yoga, and asked for guidance.

As before I was guided to go into emptiness and then let my body do the practice as guided by the Shiva consciousness through emptiness.

My body automatically went into sun salutations from Sivananda’s practice, but then my eyes closed and different variations and asanas came in a flow in a way that I never practiced before, and then I was guided to headstand from downward facing dog.

My eyes were closed and the feeling from the practice was more like a trance but inside relaxation and some drunk feeling.I laughed as it felt like a drunk yoga practice – and then I just failed and fell down – my neck was very sore -and I considered stopping but my body continued to a gentle triangle poses, Stretches and then again doing strange vinyasa flow, Vasista asana and plank and from there twice more to Sirsanasana and then to rolls onto the sand to all directions – which I don’t really consider yoga but – that was what my body wanted – from there very disoriented I stepped into vajrasana and meditation.

The feeling from the practice felt good, though it worked much more through the energetic aspect of the yoga than the physical.

That’s it for the morning practice.  🙏🏻

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