There is a phenomenon I noticed happening to me every now and then during meditations,
I get high on some love meditation, or healing meditation and then 10 to 30 minutes later the feeling gets lower – I am still shining but I am sort of back to the here and now ( if the meditation was very high on light, or out of the body ) without actively choosing it.

I have got 3 theories about it:

  • It’s like any sports activity – near the end you have to slow down to let your muscles cool down, and do the movements with less stress. – so since it’s not me doing it’s my spiritual guides helping me to calm down before I finish the meditation.
  • It’s just an out of shape reaction – my spiritual muscles are tired from the action, energy, and vibration they can contain and need to cool down – and this explains sometimes the feeling I get after a big heart opening I get a feeling of a bit closing off, wanting to be more to myself etc.
  • It’s just like a Reiki treatment – I put my hand on the person – they get warm, warmer hot, then they cool off and I know it’s enough for this area – time to move to the next hand position …
    So it could be the same when doing energetic meditation – the energy run its course and it’s time to move on.

Anyway, that’s it for today 🙂

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