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Meditation is a name used for a technique used for personal growth, to reach and experience different states of consciousness.
There are many descriptions and explanations for meditations out there, but I want to use my own words here – as a practitioner for the last 20 years.

There are different ways and concepts regarding meditation all over the world. to enter into a meditative state we practice a technique, using the technique is called – practicing meditation. This is a way for us human beings to experience different states of consciousness, explore our self, our humanity, who am I?, what am I?, why am I?.

Meditation is the technique and meditation is the experience, meditation can be a gate to explore the inner realms and the outer realms of existence. Or it can just be used by a person to be more relaxed, natural, silent and actually be more of himself.
It can be used to remove outside influences and programming, and it can be used to just tune in.

So you probably already guessed it – meditation is as I see it the main tool for spiritual and awareness work on oneself. there are many methods out there but the main one that I am using is coming from the yogic way.

Concentrate on an object enough without any waves in your consciousness will become meditation.
Meditate on an object enough without entanglement into waves of thoughts/feeling/emotions and you reach samadhi – you become one with the object of meditation – there is no object, there is no you, there is no meditation.

It just is.


This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

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