This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

Target: after reading this you can start your meditation practice anywhere.

Meditation is a way to spiritually evolve or a way to be more you. More the person that you want to be.

Each technique is a gateway into the realms of meditation experiences. Like peacefulness, being fully in the here, bliss, silence, stillness, out of body experiences etc.

To practice our 5 minutes meditation we will choose a simple breath technique:

Feel the breath going in and going out of your nostrils, that’s the whole technique. There is no control of the breath, let your body breath autonomously and just observe your breath.

It might change too fast or slow, or completely stop, it’s ok to let it, the breath will do what your body needs, just be aware of it.
Thoughts may come, feelings may come, emotions may come – let them come and then just release them – tell yourself this is my 5 minutes meditation time -I can do any other stuff my mind want to do later on.

That’s it after 5 minutes you can stop – you completed a simple meditation technique.

We can write books on this technique – however, words are just words – so start to practice, the more you practice the deeper you can go into it, lengthen the time you are meditating and reap the fruits of a meditation practice.

This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

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