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Part of the yogic practice I am doing is called Tratac – it is part of the krya yoga where you concentrate on the candle without blinking until tears are coming into your eyes – but you cary on and on – and then you close your eyes and concentrate on the inner vision of the candle.

It is both a cleansing and a concentration exercise, however playing with it I realised I can just use the candle flame as my meditation object.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position.
  2. Put a candle in front of you – the candle flame should be between 30-50 cm from you and at eye hight.
    ( Make sure you are in a fire safe environment and that you have backup )
  3. Observe the flame – and relax into it.
  4. If thoughts are coming – observe them and then throw them into the flame, or just release them.
  5. If feeling/emotions are coming observe and then into the fire, or just release them.
  6. There is only the flame
  7. The flame is your world
  8. use your eyes to see it
  9. use your heart to feel it
  10. use your whole body to observe the flame
  11. When your eyes get tired close them and imagine the flame on your inner screen.
  12. And again observe it.
  13. After the time of meditation  has passed – move your body a bit
  14. Smile to yourself, give thanks to yourself and the to the flame from mother earth.
  15. Relax, turn the candle off.
  16. Write down your experience.

Enjoy !

This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

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