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Imagine a tool created especially for you that helps you become a better “you”, helps you when you have questions,  helps you when you need guidance and direction, a tool that let you grow precisely in the correct pace for you.
Imagine a tool that is so strong that you can grow your focusing powers with it, release stress and anxiety, and go into deep states of consciousness.
Can you Imagine a tool that let you experience deeply how things are working from our smallest cells to the way the universe was created?

Yes you probably guessed it by now there is a tool like that, which gives you all of the above and more – its called meditation, you can use it for all these things and more – for healing yourself from sickness, being more integrated within yourself and getting better at work and in your relationships.
This tool is so integrated into our being and so easy to learn that even some of us are doing it without knowing its meditation.

Meditation is our birthright the moment we come into this world with the ability to experience things meditation was born with us, it was used by ancient yogis thousands of years ago to delve into the secrets of our beings and the secrets of the universe, yet the way of meditations does not ask you to believe in anything – just be open and practice with time and good teachers.

Both In the way of Yoga, and Buddhism meditation is a tool to reach self-realization, enlightenment and other states of beings – its a part of the daily life of the spiritual aspirant, yet it seems that in our modern world meditation can be helpful for so many mundane things – and thus meditation get more and more practitioners around the world, there are thousands of ways to meditate, and this website MeditationCity is built in order to teach online the way of meditation, and connect teachers with students.

Note:  learning online or through an App is not the same as learning from a teacher, the whole teaching experience when happening with a teacher can jump your meditation practice years ahead, Part of it is because of the teacher’s energy or high vibration, but let’s not talk about magic – let us focus on brain waves – the teacher brain waves are already advanced to deep stages of meditation – being with such a teacher – teaches your subconscious automatically how to go into these places.

So let’s go over our motivation to learn and practice meditation again:

  • Get better health
  • Reduce stress
  • Connect with and experience stillness
  • Connect with experience peacefulness
  • integrate with all your parts of beings – no more warring voices, feeling thoughts and emotions that fight among themselves
  • Get more focused
  • Achieve better results in whatever you are doing
  • Opens up creativity
  • Learn a state of doing out of a relaxed state of mind
  • Spiritual development
  • Get connected to your self and your environment
  • Develop your sixth senses
  • Becoming happier
  • Experience higher levels of love and unity
  • go into out of  body experiences
  • Each meditation is like a whole new adventure
  • Release Frozen emotions in your body
  • Learn to live your life fully
  • Self-realization
  • Go into inner freedom
  • Experience Bliss and Seedless happiness.
  • Open up for channeling
  • There are so many more states of awareness/consciousness that are opening up and becomes more and more part of your daily life.

I can carry on and on …


This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

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