This particular technique came to me during a meditation session in my first Yoga teachers course I took.
The technique just happened by itself when I tried to meditate but could not: I had aches, thoughts, nerves, and stress all over my body …
What happened next is that I was guided to see a golden sphere coming towards me from above ( eyes closed ).

Short version:

Imagine a golden sphere floating in front of you.
It radiates healing warmth like the sun in a very cold day, this warmth melts all your pains, thoughts and inner turmoil. See and feel how all of your impurities are dissolved and removed.

Detailed version:

Sit in a comfortable position, preferably choose a time and place that is good for spiritual practice ( right before a meditation session is good :).
Request a golden sphere of healing ( if you feel the need you can take your consciousness up to where you usually assume God exist, or just up and out to the universe)

See the sphere floating down until it floats in the air in front of you.
Say to yourself I am willing to receive cleansing and healing
IMPORTANT – Do not over do it! use it for 5 -10 minutes max and tell yourself that you accept only the amount of energy your body need and can absorb

Feel the golden rays of the globe/sphere like the rays of the sun basking you with healing gold light, feel the light softly enter you
and dissolves any impurities you have.
Feel the stress dissolving and leaving your body
Feel every pain you have being cured, or just disappear
Feel the golden light bolster your immune system
Feel happiness flowing through you body

To finish – thank the universe/god/beings of light and see the golden sphere of light go up beyond the earth to its realm.
Focus on the soles of your feet to ground yourself, if you still feel light headed put your hands on the ground and ask for any extra energy to leave your body.

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