Cleansing and Purification have different Ideas and techniques all over the globe,
These relate to purification on all level of being from the spiritual to the energetic body, to the mind and the physical body itself.
each technique though focusing on one of those dimensions of the body influences them all.

Cleansing and Purification techniques can be thought as a preliminary practice to meditation.
I think of it more as a standalone practice, it can lead to meditation and it can help going into meditation easily,
but its effects are good for everyone who want to change a state of being from one to another.

So what is this purification/cleansing good for:

  • Remove feeling of dirtiness.
  • cleanse sadness or any other deep stuck emotions
  • cleanse tension
  • cleanse melancholy
  • cleanse lack of energy
  • cleanse energetic blocks
  • cleanse energetic dust
  • cleanse feeling of the energetic shroud
  • cleanse bad feelings after treatment of others.
  • cleanse the body from toxins
  • Purifies the Nadis – the energetic routes in your body
  • Resets stuck thought process, thinking in a loop phenomena …

Now for those thinking “spiritual development is the path of self purification” you are right
every development and meditation technique causes a purification process, in this category of articles we would like to focus on standalone techniques for purification.

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