Author: Noam Yagil

my personal process with energetic contractions

Six years ago I understood the connection between energetic blockages in the body and the ability to go into deep meditation states, you can read about it here. Since then I noticed that the process of clearing these energetic blockages is moving through different areas. I had a year, or two focused around the head and jaws, mostly during the years I was noticing this it was around the main chakras in the front of the body, sometimes in the back – but mostly front. What happened in 2016 was interesting – I had an awakening – tremendous energy was moving through my chakras upward every day – and the blockages opened were on the front of my spine. 2017 was another exciting year – as the blockages opened were mostly at the back of the spine, and this year 2018 most blockages being opened are inside the spine, as you can probably see it seems like a movement inward – I wonder about that as the main channels of prana in the spine are ida,Pingala and Sushumna – the later is the main channel and is in the center of the spine – cant wait to see what happens next 🙂...

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My main meditation tip/trick or technique.

Whether you are starting your meditation practice – or if you are an experienced meditator – this technique is for you and will enable you to jump your meditation practice to the next level – and over the long run bring it higher or deeper – according to your point of view. Meditation practice is like digging a well- in each session you keep on digging using the same technique, and sometimes you reach water – but the water of the soul you enter can be different in each meditation – it could be deep level of silence, or...

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How to go deeper into meditation – the story around my main meditation tip

This is my story of the walking meditation and the bliss I experienced at 22\12\2012 – The main thing in this story is not the bliss experienced – but how I got there. The way to go deeper into meditation has since become more natural, and this is what I teach first to all of my meditation students. if you are not interested in the story – check out the technique It was a night after the special 21 12 12 night I started a walking meditation of listening to my breath and decided on using the following structure...

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How to turn any meditation into a walking meditation

Walking meditation is one of the best things that happened to me, frankly many of my best meditation experiences happened during a walking meditation, the benefits of combining walking with meditations are innumerable – walking as a physical activity has amazing benefits, and meditation has tremendous benefits as well, but that is not the reason I started with it. How I started experimenting with walking meditations: 15 years ago I looked for a way to combine my restlessness after sitting all day in the office with my meditation practice, as it was hard for me to sit more hours in...

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Why learn to meditate?

Imagine a tool created especially for you that helps you become a better “you”, helps you when you have questions,  helps you when you need guidance and direction, a tool that let you grow precisely in the correct pace for you. Imagine a tool that is so strong that you can grow your focusing powers with it, release stress and anxiety, and go into deep states of consciousness. Can you Imagine a tool that let you experience deeply how things are working from our smallest cells to the way the universe was created? Yes you probably guessed it by...

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