This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

Whether you are starting your meditation practice – or if you are an experienced meditator – this technique is for you and will enable you to jump your meditation practice to the next level – and over the long run bring it higher or deeper – according to your point of view.

Meditation practice is like digging a well- in each session you keep on digging using the same technique, and sometimes you reach water – but the water of the soul you enter can be different in each meditation – it could be deep level of silence, or happiness, or love, or just more profound levels of being – but all in all when we approach the session we don’t really know what will today meditation bring.

A few years back I experienced a deep level of bliss that I did not experience before, though I already experienced bliss, happiness and deep levels of love, being loved in meditation this experience broke the block and taught me how to go deeper into meditation – you can read about it here.

To understand this technique you need to understand the mechanics of meditation – when you start your meditation practice using any technique – you are starting to focus your energy and awareness- as a result the energy flow in the body get stronger and energetic contractions/blockages that are in your physical and energetic body start coming up to the surface.

These blockages are there because you could not contain an experience – any experience you could not contain with its energy you tried to push away from you and – pushed away it became a blockage in the energy flow.

It could be a traumatic experience or just deep levels of emotions you could not contain, all these come to the surface during meditation – now if you have grown enough to allow them to come up to the surface to be experienced and released – a healing process will happen just by letting go, and allowing the experience to come to the surface as it is, if you are not ready for it – your mind will find it self deep in thoughts, or jumping to external senses input, or in deep feeling of restlessness.

So to the tip or meditation technique to allow your self to go deeper:

All you need to do when your mind loses focus and start jumping around, is to see what happened in your body just before? what feeling or emotions came up? And then focus on them – really just focus and give them space and time, it might  take the whole time you set for the meditation session but it is well worth it – by allowing it to be the blockage will just come up and resolve itself – you may need to cry, laugh or express anger – it does not matter just be with it and let it resolve – when it is finished you will know and you will be able to come back to the main meditation object or practice you started with – read about my experience with this technique here.

Putting it all together:

  1. Go into meditation session use whatever technique you are used to or try one of the meditation techniques I published here.
  2. Do your practice like you always do for 10 minutes, and then be watchful if and when your mind wanders – try to catch what happened just before what feeling/ emotion or sensations were in your body?, what came into your awareness that was too hard for you to accept and contain?
  3. When you find the culprits focus there – focus and allow it to resolve, in time as you progress you may find the blockages move – sometimes the block is at your neck, but when you focus there – after some release it moves to your navel, and when you focus there after some release it moves to your pubic bones, and then to the center of your lower back, whatever is happing – understand its an opening of an energy flow and the work you are doing is allowing the energy to flow naturally.
  4. Come back to your meditation technique – and again – if your mind wanders find just what happened a second before- and focus on it allow it and let it resolve itself.

That’s it, you need to be strong for it, yet be soft with your self, be courageous and allow yourself to experience parts of your self you have hidden in the past, just a small note, sometimes this goes deeper than one lifetime, and sometimes it goes back to an experience that happened to one of your forefathers it does not matter – just be and breath – experiences come and go, but the one that experiences them stays the same, watchful, alert and full of strength.

This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

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