About Meditation City

So what is Meditation City?

Meditation City is a spiritual or awareness community for people on the journey , people who want to learn, teach or share their meditation experiences,

The main message is that meditation is easy, everybody can practice it and enjoy it’s benefits.

basically it’s a home to just anyone who want to grow and develop.
In the community we can find a place to share our thoughts and experiences, a place to create our own blog and write there about our own spiritual journey.
We can also find a place to learn take courses and grow ourselves all this and more.

How the idea came to be?

Basically I wanted to start share my knowledge of meditations and spiritual practice through a web site,
log my practice, and invite people to my courses.
Doing this I thought I can help people learn different meditation styles, and create a website dedicated for meditations.
Then just before embarking on the journey of creating this site – I thought – well I can do that and succeed and help people – but …
a different thought came to be:
What if I just created this website for everyone?
what if I created the option for every teacher around the globe to teach and connect using this website?
What if every member could just write a spiritual blog and share meditation experiences or whatever other stuff that can help with others on the journey like him/her?
So this will be not only the power of one teacher sharing, teaching and interacting with people that want to learn but the power of many spiritual seekers and teachers around the world.
This is the idea behind Meditation City and that’s its basic cause.
Now this site is still in the thought process of becoming something. and I am not sure the current CMS used fits the vision, but that is the start.
If you want to join me on the journey please email me on shamboo@gmail.com,
Or contact me at https://www.facebook.com/shamboo
Thanks and enjoy the city.

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