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Silence meditation

silence - surrendering into this place of quietness, the empty space between the breaths. The stillness that is found in the earth, the silence of the entire universe. The silence experiences has many dimensions, some times it’s like a point of stillness, some times...

Walking meditation love the earth

One of the best walking meditations I practice is Love the earth 🌏 meditation This walking meditation came to me a few years back, when exercising my channeling abilities, I asked for a meditation tailored for my current needs and got this one. I practiced this love...

Listening meditation

Listening to oneself – as a way for meditation – so nice to experience this technique and practice it.
Just try it 🙂

Meditative yoga on the beach

This morning I decided on practicing my meditation on the beach, however, when getting there it felt more like yoga. I started with submitting the fruits of my practice to the goddess of all that is, and to Shiva the founder of yoga, and asked for guidance. As before...

walking meditation with golden healing

Sometimes I find the easiest way for meditation is walking, today I chose the golden healing meditation style – or actually it chose me, I started walking as always with head full of thoughts, I let the thoughts run their course for the first 10-15 minutes of the walk  and then tried to decide on a meditation technique for this walk.

Candle flame meditation

Very simple meditation technique – both helping to focus and enter easily meditation states of stillness, silence or strong active energy.

what is meditation

Meditation is a way for spiritual and personal growth used all over the world. Basically meditation is a gate for entering a different state of awareness. Some of the experiences people go to through meditation are:
Silence, stillness, void, bliss, love, happiness, oneness, channeling, full knowledge of an object or idea etc …

Mother-reiki meditation October 2013

One of the significant experiences I had at 2013. Saturday night I had a walking meditation in which I focused on 2 aspects of healing energy I am working with. A mother - goddess healing energy I connected to first in a healing course at 2003 A golden - angel light...

Hatha Yoga as meditation practice

Can I use a regular yoga pose for meditation? there is yoga poses designed for meditation like Sidhasana, Padmasana (Lotus), Sukhasana etc …
But what if I can use my regular physical yoga practice for meditation – what will be the effect? and how can we do that?

Meditation invite

There are times in our life where the head is working nonestop, sometimes it just goes into a loop of the same thoughts, and some times the head just feels like a fuzzy thing every thing is a mess there is no structure or order. Times like these call for a different...

A walk in the park and meditation with a tree

A walk in the park and meditation with a tree

Again I got a sort of invitation to just lay back relex into the tree, I relaxed removed my thoughts – but then realized I still have the one that is feeling or witnessing the whole exchange – and i relaxed it too, I found my self for a moment like in a dream floating on nothingness, and then again I was out sitting in meditation.

This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)

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